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Looking for some parts

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I can't find my service manual so need some help from the forum.


How many engine mounts are there, what are the part numbers, and where is a good place to find them?


I think my antenna motor has given up the ghost.  Where can I find a replacement?


Thanks in advance!!!!



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There's 3 mounts on the automatic cars and 4 mounts for the 16V cars.


Passenger side engine mount, front engine mount, driver's side transmission mount.


16V cars have a rear "bobble strut" connecting the transmission to the K-frame.


1990-91 cars will probably have the larger passenger side engine mount and front engine mount as opposed to the earlier 89 cars.


All use the J-body "convertible" mounts that have the hydraulic dampers on them, but they aren't a "requirement" and can be changed out for regular mounts if need be.


The rear bobble strut is the same as all 5-speed cars.


I don't know PN's off the top of my head, but Marty has a repository of PN's.


As  for the antenna, it can be replaced with an aftermarket unit if you can't find an OEM one. They are fairly common...same as other power antennas from Chrysler (and other companies) at the time.

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