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Large Embroidered Buick Patch for sale

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I am looking for a few good men, or women, who would like to own an 8 inch embroidered patch suitable for the back of a jacket (image below). Anyone who is interested in ordering one (or more) for $65 each please contact me via this post. These patches are brand new, custom made, sew on and high quality. Please let me know if you  have any questions, Thank you,



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Hey, Hi, Terry.  Not to steal your thread, Jackie4052...there's no doubt the 8" BUICK patches are very hard to find. I thought you or someone else here might be interested in a smaller, ORIGINAL BUICK uniform/hat patch I have for sale.


This is a 1940’s-1950’s BUICK dealership mechanic’s coat pocket or hat patch. It's 2” in diameter. Overall, in good condition. It could benefit from a little careful cleaning. But, it is better looking in person, than in the photo. (The yellow paper I photographed it on wasn't a great choice!) This original BUICK patch is just $15, INCLUDING shipping in the U.S. Thanks. John


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Hi Jolly_John, 


Thanks for the post. 
2” patches are easy to come by, maybe not original ones like you have but in general they are readily available .
I’m looking for something large enough to make an imposing statement on the back of a jacket. 
I’m still hopeful that others out there feels the same way.
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