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1911 Stanley Steamer , Model 62 , 10 hp Roadster, Serial #5997, owned for forty years and participated in many steam car tours.  This original car is in good condition mechanically and runs very well.  The car was restored in the early 1950's from an original car.  In the 1980's the engine was gone through and updated with new rings, hard chrome piston rods, and new wrist pins.  It has a Baker burner and the boiler has been tested recently to 1000 lbs.  All brass and bright work is in good condition.    

Asking $ 110,000         Contact Don Nelson  Cell 860-424-2315  or e-mail  Chopr46@snet.net        CTIMG_1144.thumb.JPG.87db7e3833c5f398fa7b5976b9f485aa.JPGIMG_1146.thumb.JPG.05ea7437719753093fde6f0497a86676.JPG

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I'd be quite happy to take that.....if only the price was decreased by one "0".  It wouldn't even need to be that extreme....but boy...these Stanley's....Buy a house or buy an old car....decisions decisions.  I'd love that model though.  

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I often wonder what the actually selling price of Stanleys is these days. 

You sometimes see cars advertised for months and months, if not years.  And no one is buying. 

Have they lost some of their appeal? 

I don't know and am not speculating. 

I've always wanted a Stanley as well, and have always been put off by the price tags.  But everything goes in cycles.  Perhaps Stanleys have seen their day in the sun and collectors with that much money to spend are buying other things.

There's a nice looking Model 70 currently for sale for around $150,000.  But to be honest, if I had that much money to spend, there's a whole lot of other stuff out there that you can just get in and drive without any hassle.  

Maybe it's just me getting old !


-- Luke

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My take on steam cars is that if you are concerned about the purchase price of them, you will not be able to afford to maintain and operate them. Steam railroad locomotives were time consuming to keep going. I have been told that one day of maintenance for each day of operation.   -   Carl 


P.S. As to getting old, in 2019 you are not old yet if you were not alive when steam still moved most passengers and freight. At 74, I still remember a massive amount of steam in Chicago. Certainly am one of the very youngest old guys  who remember the Chicago Railroad Fair of what ? Was it 1947 ? Great memories of a scheduled Illinois Central steam ride from Louisville to Chicago in 1952 I believe. My mom, our dog, and I got to ride part way in the baggage car, right behind the locomotive and tender. Both side doors were open. That is real old time stuff.  -   CC 


P.P.S.  Well, it turns out my memory is not as remarkable as I thought. I looked up the RR Fair, and it was actually 1948 and '49.

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