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Old Cadillac seen at CLC event.

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They were all called 341-B in 1929 and all but the commercial cars were on a 140-inch wheelbase. That looks like a '29 5-passenger sedan like mine (below). However, without seeing the quarter windows and back of the car, it's tough to be certain. The 7-passenger sedan and Imperial limousine looked very much alike, with the only notable difference being a few extra inches of length at the back of the body compared to the 5-passenger cars. These photos make it kind of difficult to be certain, but my gut says it's a 5P sedan just because of where the back of the body ends in relation to the fender. The 7P cars would have the back of the body all the way back to the gas tank, maybe another 7-8 inches.




And yes, that car can definitely be saved (don't let it become a parts car!). Here's how mine looked when it was pulled out of a barn in the early 1970s:



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