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Seat springs and frame reconditioning

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My seat springs and frame need some reconditioning.  I don't think they were completely left out in the weather, but they were recovered at one time and the interior was leather and it is an open car.  There is still a little paint in a few areas on some of the springs.  So I have this spring assembly and I am afraid if I were to just recover it, it would squeak a lot.  Looking for some advise on the best and cheapest way to clean up the frame and spring mechanism, and perhaps give it a little coating to preserve it.  If I took it to a sandblast yard, that may work.  It won't do a good job between the wire windings, so not sure if a very effective process.  Maybe one of the brush on metal converters or Ospho would be best, but I would think that I should remove the bulk of the rust as well.  I thought about putting a plastic liner down and setting it in water and doing some electrolysis method?  It is not a small part.   Any thoughts or experience is appreciated.   Thank you     Hugh




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Whatever you do, blasting with sand, steel slag, or any abrasive is not a good idea. The friction heat caused by the abrasive on such thin spring wire can draw some of the temper out of the steel and cause the springs to be weaker.



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I can't get my springs to compress real thin, so I would need a lot of evaporust.  I like the results of the evaporust for sure.  I will try the electrosys method and report back.  Thanks for all the advice.  Even the advice of what not to do, which is helpful as well.    Hugh

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