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Front turn signals for my ‘38 Special


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One thing I appreciate on a vehicle is turn signal lamps that look appropriate to the period. A previous owner had fitted motor cycle signal lamps with orange lenses. Sure he had gone to a lot of trouble to make up some nice brackets that were chromed, but to me, they still looked what they were, motor cycle lamps. And the orange really stood out like a sore thumb against the black duco.


I wanted to use the existing fender lamps and found that the Narva #49836 globe socket was a snug fit into the ‘38 front fender park light lens. With a twin filament globe fitted it worked  really well, however as the lens was not glass but a heavy plastic material my concern was that the heat would discolour and possibly melt the lens. I wanted to have the park lights on full time at night too, so same issue.


So I chose these 6V LEDs which run nice and cool and give out plenty of light on both park and turn when lit. So much so, I’m thinking of using them as a daytime running lamp. Price shown is for four bulbs with free postage!


Anyway, pictures tell more! I did not end up using the spring as it was not necessary.






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I too have turn signals, both front and rear. We have dual filament sockets and bulbs with a (probably 1830s- 1959s) Vintage aftermarket setup , and probably on the all-original unrestored Roadmaster 80C Phaeton since it’s days as Fiorello LaGuardia’s parade car.




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