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steven 123

mechanical brakes

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4 hours ago, 28 Chrysler said:

For the non Chrysler folks.

Only the 4 cylinder Chrysler cars had rear only mechanical brakes as standard equipment.

All of the 6 cylinder cars had 4 wheel hydraulic brakes as standard equipment as well as the Model 58 4 cylinder.

The original Chrysler, introduced in 1924 was a newly designed, modern car with a 6-cylinder engine, 4-wheel hydraulic brakes and other advanced features. During that time period Chrysler was absorbing the former Maxwell auto company and in 1926 the Maxwell was essentially relabeled as a Chrysler, models 50 and 58. I had a 1928 model 52 and it looked almost exactly like the larger, more expensive Chrysler 62, in fact was not that much smaller, but underneath they had very little in common. The 4-cylinder model 52 had a thermosiphon cooling system (gravity operated, no water pump) and fabric universal joints and, as noted above 2-wheel mechanical brakes. It was basically a bullet-proof design and held up well, but was far behind its time design wise.




I bought the 1928 Model 52 from the original owner who was a traveling salesman and drove the car all over East Tennessee. I have no idea how many miles were on it, but it was his sole transportation for business and family until an axle broke in 1959. Interestingly he had chosen that car specifically because of the 2-wheel brakes. He was one of many at the time who didn't trust brakes on the front wheels. He thought in an emergency situation the front brakes would lock and cause you to lose control of the car. Actually, until the advent of antilock brakes the old guy might have had a point.




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Hi Don. That old gent was far from alone in his assessment of front wheel brakes. I have mentioned before that Cadillac in their first iteration of 4 wheel brakes for the 1924 & 1925 V63 hedged their bet. They built a primitive mechanical ABS system which disconnected the outside front wheel brake in a turn. It works, and I wonder if any other makes had some equivalent ? 


That is one fine picture showing the pride of honest work your Chrysler must have felt ! In harness until 1959 !!!!!!!!


By the way, I love your statement regarding definition of antique. I am only slightly younger than you, having been born in 1944. To us, the only cars on the road when we were born were pre-war, and the late '30s cars we first remember riding in were "modern". My dad had a '33 Buick which I still remember, and then a '39 Pontiac. Call me a cranky old man if you want, but IMHO antique cars have exposed vertical radiators. Those were the OLD cars in our youth. I loved them then, I love them now !

                                                                                Cranky and old,    -    Cadillac Carl 


P.S. Maybe it should be mentioned, however, that pre-ABS proportioning valves want to lock the front brakes before the natural tendency for the rears to lock. Helps to keep the beast from swapping ends.   -   CC 

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Funny thing occurs to me.

So the old guy drove the 28 ALL THE WAY till 1959.

31 years,, a 31 YO car would just be a used car these days.

My DD is a 64, its just a used pick up but its 55 years old.

Fun stuff all right.



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