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Chrysler roadster E65 of 1929 unknown parts

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First of all Happy new year and thanks a lot for your support.

There is now more than one year I started to get a "new old" Chrysler roadster E65 of 1929 from a heap of blended parts and it is getting on not so badly!

Today I have a riddle for you:

What are these two parts ?

And do you know where they go?

See pictures (the ruler is in cm, parts are around 2 cm long)


Thanks to all

Bonus: a picture of the car to let you know where I am!



2019-01-13 13.01.31.jpg

2019-01-17 09.42.06.jpg

2019-01-17 09.42.41.jpg

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Specifically they keep the steering column jacket from rattling against the steering column shaft. Interesting that there are 2 styles, neither of which appears to match those in my 30/31 Chrysler assemblies. These can be difficult to get into proper place as they usually seat against  dimples in steering column jacket, and move when shaft is installed.

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