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My 55 Buick restoration

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Here is a pic of my 55 Buick Century that I am restoring , bought it 2 years ago it look better than it was, have gutted the interior and doing all new wiring ,completed a total brake rebuild every thing has been changed in the brake department.  All chrome has been or is being  done , new paint, all new exhaust , new steele window rubber. There is a lot more to this rebuilt like when It was unloaded off the trailer  and put is my garage and the next day backed car out my garage to clean up and on driving car back in to the garage the brakes failed and I ran into 2 other cars and did $ 9.000 damage.


My luck has not been good with this car, hope it gets better with this rebuild.



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When I lost brakes on this car going into my garage I ran into the back of my 40 ford coupe pushing it into my 46 Ford doing damage to both Fords, the damage on the 55 was to  the Dagmar on the pass side. My 40 is a street Rod I have had 51 years , it went under the  46 Ford  bumper getting into the drivers side front fender. I was not a happy camper. I have been  working on the 55 for 2 years  hope have it done by May if everything goes well , I sure hope so.  


Thanks for the interest, SID 

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