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1927 buick carb change

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I just turned the original intake manifold over.  You have to grind one little spot for clearance but it bolts on without any problems. I used a Carter carb from a mid 60s ford pickup. The bolt pattern on the manifold is at an angle so I made an adapter block (from aluminum) so the carb would be square to the motor. You have to make a cover plate to cover the now opening in the exhaust manifold, which I also used for the heat source for the automatic choke. Starts and runs great and no problem using an electric fuel pump.  


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I did the same on my 26 Sedan and 27 Woodie, I used a 40's chev carb. had to make an adapter because throat size was different. I put in an electric fuel pump and pressure regulator and runs on about 3 1/2 pounds pressure. Never ran so good. Never did hitch up choke. Didn't need it. Also used a 28 Dist. had to change back of gen. to a 28 back end plate. That why I can buy ignition parts anyplace

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22 hours ago, Mark Shaw said:

Flip the intake manifold and bolt on a Rochester carb from a "stovebolt six" GM engine. There are several models of this carb...with and without automatic choke. Rochester carbs. do not have offset mounting flanges.

Yes, the Rochester type B carbs are dirt-cheap, as many of the "stove-bolt" folks are replacing them with Carters ;)



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