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Chuck Conrad

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Obviously, one or more of you of you have nothing better to do than gripe about inappropriate posts on this forum. I feel sorry for you. You should be where I am, at the Hershey Swap Meet, enjoining the rain and mud. It's down and dirty old car fun.

If, while I'm here, some poor soul happens to wander into this forum posting an ad for a car that CCCA does not recognize, please be patient. As explained at the top of this page, inappropriate posts will be deleted or moved without notice, but that will be done on my time table, not yours. It is hard enough to get an Internet connection here, much less do it on an hourly basis just to act as traffic cop.

If you have nothing better to do with your day, please get a grip on reality. There is a lot more to this hobby than reading Forum posts on the Internet. You should be outside doing something useful, or at least fun. Hershey would be a good start, but that probably won't happen this year. How about fixing something on your car, or just taking it out on a drive to get rid of the stale gas? It would be a far better use of your time than griping about this forum. You might even enjoy it.

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Relax - Chuck - we all appreciate the splendid and often thank-less job you are doing. Stop being so sensitive - who would DARE question EITHER the right of some character to enter a silly post, OR the right of one of us to make fun of it. Keep your sense of perspective !

Incidentally, between "posts" today, I repaired a bunch of flat tires for the neighborhood kids ( the thorns around here are murder on bicycle innter tubes), re-packed the wheel bearings on my amphib ( sea-planes and the repeated emersion of the wheel bearings in water, are murder on those bearings) and changed its tires, and spent some hot dusty hours on my excavating equipment ( a big turbo-charged Case 580 SK back hoe) repairing a washed out bridge. Oh yeah...and I also took the Packard Twelve out to get the mail (first four miles out to the paved highway, where we have our POST OFFICE BOX are on the kind of rutted-out wash-board roads cars from the 1930's were designed for....fun fun fun..!

And how was YOUR day..?

Pete Hartmann

Big Springs, AZ

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My day was great, although a little damp. It drizzled all Thursday afternoon at Hershey. Today it is just plain raining. That just makes it more of an adventure. What would Hershey be without rain and mud? It gives you more time to visit with your friends.

Off to look for bargains.

PS: It turned off gray and mild for judgiing on Saturday. There were some very interesting cars.

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