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Carter carb 629S and Vacuum Chamber

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I Looking for a working Carter carburator for my 1950 Chrysler Windsor 251 6 cyl with fluid  semi auto transmission. It is supposed to have a stall switch and kick Down switch mounted. I Think the model number is 629S. 

I am also Looking for a working vacuum chamber for my autolite ignition  distributor Model / part number is VC-3147





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According to the Carter literature:


The Carter 629s was an aftermarket replacement carb for 1941 Chrysler and DeSoto.


In 1950, Chrysler used two different carburetors on the 251 CID 6. Early production was an E7L3, late production was E7L4. The E7L4 supersedes the E7L3. There is no record in the Carter documentation giving a serial number, or other, break as to when the change occurred.


The difference is extremely minor; either could be used.



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