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Car in a one-pump "town"...

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Don't go by the headlight bar since you could add those to the any 1923 - 26.


I helped my father in law restored a 1924 Chevrolet touring back in the late 1960s that had the headlight bar when he bought the car from the original owner.  Every period photo I have seen of a 1924 Chevrolet did not have the bar either, but many people added them.  For one thing they gave stability to the front fenders.


I also believe 1926 is correct since there are no outside door handles.

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It may well be a body by Holden, being an Australian car, so the scuttle forwards is clearest id guide. The Government had import restrictions on bodywork to foster the local bodybuilding industry.

Pic of an Aussie 1926 Chevrolet attached.


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Fair enough. I was just checking the doorhandle/no doorhandle years on Aussie built bodies. So more thinking of what year. (Probably built by Holden Motor Body Builders. T. J. Richards did Chryslers... )


"Holden's Motor Body Builders developed from a South Australian saddlery business established in the 1850s. In 1918 Holden's Motor Body Builders was established. In 1931 Holden's Motor Body Builders merged with General Motors Australia to form General Motors-Holden's Ltd."

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