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Where has all the knowledge gone


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I remember when you could go to a garage, auto parts store, or car club and get detailed answers to almost automotive question you had. Im talking primarily about cars of the 40's and 50' on such subjects as fixing speedometer, gas gauge, windshield wiper issues, etc., or adjusting valves on your flathead motor. To this day I have still not been able to get a true oil level indication on my hydramatic transmission.  The oil sloshes around so much that trying to read the actual oil level on the stick is not very effective.  I have fully restored my six cylinder 1948 Oldsmobile Model 66 woodie station wagon with a hydramatic transmission over a four year period.  I love driving this all stock car around he neighborhood and I have always managed to keep it running despite the lack technical information being readily available.   If you have any good technical information sources relative my make and model  car, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you including part sources. 

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