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Hi All

Once again I'm asking for some help. Found this set of Boss Tire Tools at a yard sale but can't find any information on this set online. Looking at the picture of the tire on the box my guess is that this set is probably from the very early 1900s. Any information you may have on this set, or where to find some information would be appreciated. Please see the following pictures and thanks in advance.













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That's a cool set of tire tools.  Looking at the tire, could be around 1905-9 I think.  Used for clincher or split rim type tires.  I see the instruction sheet specifies for use on demountable tires and it shows smooth thread style tires, which make it pretty early.  They sure would look good on display in my recreated old auto parts store. 



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Wow, BEAUTIFUL set of tools! So very uncommon to find in the box, too. Heavy tools which were often made quite dirty and greasy through regular use would quickly destroy fragile cardboard boxes. Good for you. 


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Agree, hate to hijack a thread so will post something separately.  The "old store" is something that evolved over a long time to display my collection(s) of auto stuff.

Those tire tools are great in the original box and I agree, it was a great yard sale find. 


I've not often had much luck at conventional yard sales, but haunting them in older neighborhoods does produce some occasional treasure.  I once found a whole box of early literature, originally assembled by someone who made it a habit of visiting Norfolk VA auto dealerships, collecting sales brochures.  He started about 1928 and years later, the kids who inherited the property put it all out at a yard sale.  There were about 25 catalogs there, from Buick to Pierce. 


These days I think the part-time amateur antique dealers selling on ebay seem to get there the night before.


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The tool in Figure 3 is listed in the instructions as a "Straight Wheel Tire and Spoke Grip."


Looking at the illustration, it appears that this tool was intended to keep the tire from "following" the spoon tools around the rim (in other words, to anchor the tire bead which had already been pried back over the lip of the rim from simply pulling itself back out, as the spoons are worked around the circumference of the rim.) The bottom end of that tool is designed to fit over a wood spoke, which would then hold the tool in place, and the other end of that tool would anchor the bead over the rim of the wheel, so it cannot work its way back out while the installer is working his way around the rim. 


If you have ever tried to hand-mount a tire and tube around a rim (even a bicycle), you will probably know exactly what I mean with my poor explanation above. 


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The tool in Figure 2 is described as a "Demountable Rim Grip." And looking at the line-drawings of the tools in use, it would seem to be a tool to aid the tire installer with hanging on to the steel demountable rim while trying to pry the tire on or off of it. 


Maybe someone with greater experience will have better idea on this? 

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