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Well, it's probably worth fixing the items left to be done. For a 65 GS, you will get your money back on the fixes if it's all good to go.

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On 1/10/2019 at 5:53 AM, coast said:

yes it is a small emblem GS



Hi Coast,

Looks like your GS is rather similar to mine.  Both our cars are are dark green with custom vinyl green interior.  Similar options too, except yours is a small emblem car, and mine doesn't have A/C.


Your car is well-optioned and would likely generate good interest if offered for sale.  I can't really give you a definitive answer about what it's worth, as that depends on knowing more about its condition.  The good news is the engine and presumably trans are rebuilt and running strong.  Despite the fuzzy photos, your car looks to be in good shape, certainly better than just a 'driver'.  Questions I'd ask, which would affect value are:

  1. Does the A/C work?  Has it been converted to 134A?
  2. What is the verified mileage?  Mileage isn't that big a factor - I'd rather buy a well-maintained and regularly used higher mileage example than one with low miles and poor maintenance. But a car that's rolled the odometer over several times will show it and be worth less.
  3. Is the car rust-free?  We assume most southern California cars would be rust free, but I've seen many cars from coastal Cali regions with extensive rust due to salty air. Does the back window leak into the trunk?  Most of them eventually rot out at the base of the rear window, so unless your car saw little rain over its 54 years then it probably needs some help there.
  4. What's the condition of the body work and paint?  Has the car been repainted?  Is it a 20 footer, or nice and shiny with no dents.  Ditto for the chrome and stainless trim. What shape is that in?
  5. Do all accessories work as they should?  
  6. What work is needed for the car to be fully functional?

Back to value.  Yes, we've seen Gran Sports fetching surprising prices at auctions recently.  But relying on these to set your price is misleading.  Real world sales bring lower amounts, for sure.  Again, your car is only worth what someone is willing to pay you for it.  Assuming your GS is in low #2 or high #3 condition then it ought to bring at least $30k, again depending on how nice it is.  A low #3 or lesser example will bring less, as the purchaser would likely be facing $$ expenses to restore things that don't work, including body work, repainting, rechroming, etc. All these aren't cheap these days.  


You can get an idea of values by searching completed eBay auctions, and ads in Craigslist.  I suggest you use "SearchTempest" which allows you to search all CL listings in the entire country.  Note that you'll be looking at ASKING prices, not what the cars actually sold for (except eBay completed auctions, but remember to deduct the fees they charge, etc.).


Hope this helps.

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OK...removed some posts, edited others. Please be respectful of each others posts and comments. If there are verifiable concerns regarding the subject of anyone's post please discuss with that individual off post through private message and or bring it to the attention of a moderator.


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