STOLEN - 1983 Olds H/O Aero Coupe

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STOLEN! 1983 Oldsmobile Hurst Olds Tribute Car H/O - Built By Jack "Doc" Watson with parts for the 1988 20th Anniversary Hurst Olds.


It has a Dash Plaque Signed by Doc in the center of the dash.

Lightning Rod Shifter. Virginia Inspection Stickers on the Windshield


VIN: 1G3AK47Y7DM560565
Michigan Plate: AEROLDS


Taken From friend's driveway 1-9-19 in Erie MI Near Toledo Ohio. It was Damaged when it was Stolen pieces of the Ground Effects around the Front Left Area were laying in the driveway.


Any Help in Locating it would be Greatly Appreciated! Please contact Monroe County (Michigan) Sheriff with tips or info. Owner name: Evans

thumbnail_83 Aero Olds 2.jpg

thumbnail_83 Aero Olds 3.jpg

thumbnail_83 Aero Olds 1.jpg

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Make sure to put this on and the H/OCA website too.  My guess is that, like most thefts of these cars, the perp doesn't even know what a Hurst/Olds or Aero/Hurst is, but sees only a clean G-body Olds- the gangster crowd's dream car. 


I think only one of the four 79-84 H/O's stolen from the 2009 Hurst/Olds Nationals was ever recovered and  it was heavily damaged.

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Good suggestion, thank you. 


What surprises me, is that my 79 white/gold always attracts attention, mostly police, although not necessarily tickets.  Back in the late 80s I did drive it to work in nice weather and the neighborhood was not so great.  Thinking back, surprised it was never stolen.  Did watch out the windows and see coworker's Buick GN drive away - she was watching too.  And another coworker's red Firebird. 


Linda V generously posed with my cars during the 2008 Nats.  Wonderful lady. 

79 ho.JPG

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