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15 hours ago, 65VerdeGS said:

Did you notice anything strange about the shaded band across the top? 


Is the shading and tint the same as the original windshield?



I didn't notice anything different. I did go around the perimeter of the windshield and manually apply some of the adhesive strip to the outer edge. Using a squirt bottle to test, I did find small gaps. The old windshield had a lot of extra sealer as well.

My original was really scratched. I put a new headliner in but never got around to reupholstering the sun visors. Driving into the setting sun was brutal. So the crystal clear glass got most of my attention. I will be out there over the weekend and take a good look.


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9 hours ago, George, said:

Guys, is the installation of the windshield to be done with a tape ? If yes, which size should be used ?



The direction I was given by the forum was to use 5/16” on my 65 front & rear glass. I did & it worked out fine. 

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