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Hood liner refurbish?

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Well, I started working on my TC again over the holiday. Life had gotten in the way a bit and I hadn't touched it in a while.


Anyway, I was getting ready to install the very nice appearing hood liner I pulled from my '91 parts TC over this past weekend and ran into a slight...ummm...issue.


I cleaned the hood off with Prep-All and I decided that before I sprayed the adhesive I needed to clean the loose dirt off the back of the liner/pad. It looked to be in wonderful shape...but, even with a soft brush attachment on my shop vac the suction was just too much and the backing simply disintegrated. :( Once one section "vaporized" there was no turning back...after 2 hours of being super careful I got all of the backing off of the black felt. So I was able to save the embossed felt part of the pad.


My question is, has anyone ever messed around with putting a new backing on a piece of form-fitted/embossed fabric? I think it's going to be a lot like doing detailed interior panels with sculpted foam, but I'm not sure. I have a feeling I'm going to get *1* shot at this, so....kinda need to get it right! LOL


BTW, just for knowledge sake, it appears that the hood structure changed slightly over the years as there's a few spots on the liner that don't match the '89 hood. I'm not too concerned with this, but I found it interesting. There's also more attachment points for the Xmas tree holders, so my hood is going to have to get more holes in biggie.

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