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Flexplate question


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First let me congratulate you on using the correct name! It is not the ring gear which is found with the pinion.

When I worked in the dealership used six inch long bolts to take the place of the original bolts already there,remove the torque converter bolts, all bell housing bolts and trans mount bolts,then slide the trans back on the six inch bolts ,use a pry bar between the flex plate and the torque converter to help.You then have just enough room to undue the flex plate bolts and remove the plate. Doing it this way keep the tranny in line for reassemble and you do not have to undue cooler lines,shifter etc.. It was called the flat rate way. When I started my apprenticeship I was told first you learn the correct way to do the job then when you are good you can use the flat rate way.   Cheers pete

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