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1966 Riviera parts - cleaning out shop


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A few years ago I parted out two 66 Riviera's and now have lots of stuff that I do not need . If there is anything in the list below that anyone needs , I will be happy to send pics and will make very affordable to ROA members . If you don't see what you need on the list, let me know as I may have it . I am not  in the parts business nor do I want be - just need to clean up my shop ! Thanks for looking .


ROA 14549 


1. Front and rear bumpers cores 

2. Complete functional grill assembly -restored 

3. Miscellaneous headlight bezels , motor , arms, grill , parts etc. 

4. Miscellaneous wheel opening trim - front and back

5. Front door panels with all chrome trim

6. Complete set interior stainless trim 

7. Hood spear 

8. Fan shroud  ( hard to find ) 

9. Rally wheels - multiple years 

10. Complete steering column with steering wheel

11. Full set door hinges 

12. Both hood hinges 

13. Steering pumper bracket

14. Alternator bracket 

15.3.07 rear end with both axles 

16. Frigidaire AC compressor 

17. Console for bucket seat car

18. Dash  bezel and gauges

19. Back seat panels with trim 

20. Taillight assemblies 

21. Glove  box door 

22. Dual snorkel air cleaner with lid in poor condition

23. Dual quad intake manifold 

24. Steering gear box - not fast ratio

25.  Speedometer 

26. 1963-65 power antenna complete  bezel and wiring  and miscellaneous antenna parts 

27. Door and quarter window glass

28. Miscellaneous exterior stainless trim 



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Do you have Cornering lights for the front? Not sure if 67 only or not/ Paul

What are you asking for the Air cleaner twin snorkel with ribbed top?

What about the dual carb intake?  Price?\

Please send pictures and price to Paul 65skyriv19@att.net or text to 559 355-3551


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Hi Paul- no cornering lights. Dual quad intake is sold . The dual quad air cleaner is in poor shape in that one of the snorkels had a hole in it and someone tried to repair it and did a poor job . The lid is rusted out in the center hole . Bottom line it need lots of work to be presentable and then would need replating . I’ll take $75 for it +shipping costs. If you are interested , I will take pics tomorrow and send to you . Thanks Ken

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Sorry  do not have either and in fact most of the items are long gone. . Will refresh the list pretty soon. The fan shroud was a one year only shroud so fairly tough to find and were only use on cars with AC . Thanks for the inquiry though. 


ROA 14549

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On 1/3/2021 at 2:34 PM, kreed said:

Sorry those are no longer available . Might try Tom Mooney 1965rivgs.

ROA 14549

  Hi Ken,

  He`s welcome to the bumper but now its attached to a car ! Might be a little more expensive at this point...


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