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Referencing the Standard Catalog of Ford 1903-1998, 2nd edition, Kowalke, pg 131.


"Popular Galaxie 500 and Galaxie 500XL options included the:

390 V8 ($246)

Cruise-O-Matic auto transmission ($212)

Four speed manual transmission ($188)

Power steering ($81)

Power brakes ($43)

Two-tone paint ($22)

White sidewall tires ($33)

Windshield washers ($20)

Backup lights ($10)

Electric clock ($14)

Radio ($58)

AM/FM radio ($129)



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Thank you Matt for this great information.  I am finally in a position to spend some money on my cars and the Galaxie is now in a private shop to get started on it.  I really appreciate the help I get from people like you in the clubs and hope I can pass on the help I have received.

Thanks again

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Thanks Tom, for the information and link, there is indeed a lot of great info on this site.  I am having my '83 XL convertible restored and it has a lot of optional equipment on it and I want to make sure they are all factory options.  I really appreciate the help from everyone that responded.

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