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56 Century 66R - Upholstery pattern & Fabric Swatch?


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Once again I tune to the BCA members for help. I took my car to an upholstery shop today to get an estimate to have the front and rear seat redone. To my surprise I was told the seats were not original and they were probably re-upholstered in the 70?s. The upholster knew this because he still had some of the material that was used during the time period. What I need are some good digital picture of what the seats should look like and pattern designs of the original material/fabric. The color scheme of the interior is bright red. One last thing, does any one have a source on fabric?

Bruce Wilson


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www.smsautofabrics.com in Oregon. They have come thru for me many times on obsolete upholstery. Can't help you on the seat design, but being mid-50s GM I can promise they were flashy. SMS will send fabric samples on request and are knowledgeable about original materials and patterns.

You should be able to tell what cloth was originally on the seats by looking at the doors. The cloth inserts usually matched the seat cloth on the higher line cars.

I think about it sometimes- probably half the body cloth GM used was made 30 miles from here by Collins & Aikman in Roxboro NC. Neighbor worked there in the 60s and 70s and regularly worked 7 day weeks.

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