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1949 Roadmaster Sedanet: Replacing Glass - What Would You Do?

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Hi Gang,


After 18 years of ownership, decided to dive into cosmetic restoration of my very original car.  One broken window.  the usual edge yellowing/delaminations, and water leaks around the rear light have  led me to decide that, during the paint job, I will replace all the glass.  Auto City Restorations, which specializes in date-coded LOF glass reproductions is local to me.  They offer clear, gray tint, and green tint.  Tinted glass was not available from the factory in '49.......but it would be nice, especially in a black car.  What does everyone think?







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Very nice car, My first thoughts are to have your pictures Photoshopped withe the color tints you would be considering. Wont cost you anything if you decide you don't like it.

I don't know if there is anyone on this forum that might be able to help. Someone else may be able to chime in and help. Personally, I can see why you would want tint but I think the older cars need to be clear 

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Original car? I’d keep it clear. To me the fun of owning an old vehicle is to experience the way it was when new and that includes every inconvenience 

vs newer cars. Modernizing detracts from this experience. 


If your goal is to have a modified car and will be doing other mods from stock then by all means go for tinted glass. Otherwise I’d suck it up and go clear. 

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My thought is that the 49 Roadmaster sedanette is,  and probably always be a very collectible car. Its styling then, and now, just jumps out. The closest thing to it is a Bentley Continental , with a price several times that of the Buick. We often want to do a car over just as we like, whether it be a restoration or a refurbishment. The bottom line is that this car will be worth money down the line, if you ever have to sell it in stock form. Tinted glass could be a detriment to getting the price you may want to get.

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