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1928 chassis/engine Brakes M series Truck Metal

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I have a 1928 ?  Frame, suspension engine bell housing and looks like the brakes and linkages for sale.  I can read some of the data plate Ser # 1427842 .

It has a 6 cyl engine, probably stuck, it has a mechanical Fuel pump, kind of crusty, no carb or intake. 

$400 for all, Or I can take parts off.

I'm close the where the 2019 NW Zone Meet will be in 2019 .


M Series Truck :  I have rough doors, rust at bottom from a  '47  M series truck.  I may be able to get the hinges with mirror brackets.  The nose is in very good shape, the grille has a few bent bars, I have a spare grille with enough bars  to restore it., they just spot weld in place.  2 Center grille stainless mouldings,  decent window surrounds, vent pivots not stuck.  Decent hood, a few dents, normal  tears at the front curve, W/S divide bar, misc new parts, rolling chassis.  No Eng.  No trans

Selling truck parts one or more, or take all....


I have some old  late  Studebaker parts 1930's , 1940's  1950's NOS  parts listed at


Both are in Ferndale,  WA

51 steer wheel  28 comm chassis 005.jpg

51 steer wheel  28 comm chassis 006.jpg

51 steer wheel  28 comm chassis 007.jpg

M5 Truck  home 003.jpg

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Thanks for the info on the 28, I hope it helps someone. 


  I'll try to get those M bumper guards off there SAT.  I'll call. 


  There are lots of other small parts from 2 trucks not shown. We can take the fenders apart from the side panels and headlights  so they are more available.   


     We have more pics if needed. 


Other parts are NOS:


Autolite Dist, upper half  516186                     518104    cast .030 rings Champion 39-64

196906 coil for 39 champion,                           526233 cam bearings  Comm 6, rockne, Dic 6

523056 breaker                                                   517900 Std Main bearings   39-up Champions

529479 OD kick Sw  1941-60                            529122  support, pipe, oil filler, 232 eng

665615 seal 2R-2E                                                197313 bendix drive 39-46 Champion W autolite starter

197519 seal M Trk                                              521888 bendix dr 47-55  big M Trk - 2R-E

665620 seal cage/felt big M Trk                      523090 Vacc Adv  A-12A   J5  K5  Coupe Express   L 5  7C  8C  41 2 Comm


 2 ea  517921/922  Odd and even rod for Champion   also have full sets choose babbit or insert Bearing type Also timing gears for Champion

NOS Dipsticks  3G up to early V8  512582 519408  533209523184 520225  oil drain plug 510080 1928 - 58

Too many suspension parts, tie rods and king pins to list  1934-51



From one of dozens of boxes

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The metal came apart nicely, the flanges are in good shape and only a couple of bolts broke off.  I can ship fenders out to Atlanta around $180  and the side hood panels ship for about $60..  I have the M chassis also, brake drums and parts.  Grab some spares!  Thanks

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