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Richard Quinn


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Really appreciate all of the comments and "best wishes" I was released from incarceration yesterday (Jan 09) at 9:00 a.m. Arrived home to find that my keys would NOT unlock the door! Twenty degrees and locked out. 45 minutes trying various solutions (including kicking in the door!) finally lead to an unlocked bedroom window. I pulled one of my cars up to the window climbed onto the bumper then hood, stood up and was able to get a leg in the window and eventually to get the rest of my body in. This trick was witnessed by my friend Bob Schmidt who had brought me home. Bottom line is I am feeling well and have had no significant pain from beginning to end. All doctors and support staff (an international group) performed well. Have great respect for them and the new medical technologies that makes all this happen. As one more interesting note prior to surgery my left knee had been very, very sore making walking difficult. Since the surgery the pain has almost completely gone! I'm not a doctor but guessing something to do with circulation. Best wishes to all.

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WOW !!!!! Richard That is an incredible stunt for anyone. Fresh out of the hospital ? !!! Sure speaks well for your resiliency, and the miracle of modern surgery.


On 1/8/2019 at 11:11 AM, starlightcoupe said:

Expect his energy to be restored and twice as feisty. 😀


Can I get a witness !!!


I have an idea for a "get well card", not only for you, but also for Robert. O.K. Here for you two boys from Illinois is not only a warm (was in the mid 90s about 2 hours out of 'Vegas almost 3 years ago), sunny day, but also some scatological humor if you can stand it.


The bird splatter over the fenders and hood ("it" might have even hit the proverbial fan), speaks well for the "bombsights" of a half dozen cormorants perched on a highwire under which I had to pass a couple or three days earlier. My OWN exhaust system was retrofitted with a brace of glass packs long before the guy I bought the car from bought it. Bothered me initially. I have come to appreciate the audible feedback loop to monitor the even firing of the slow turnng, smooth running V8. Now, the way I figure it, my exhaust note, now audible thanks to the indecent liberties taken by some purile modification made decades earlier, must have matched the resonant frequency of the collective bird butts ! Or maybe simply scared the spit out of them. I cleaned the windshield, but left further detailing for my arrival in time for the CLC Grand National.


I hope all who read this are not too sensitive to my description of the unforeseen predicament I suffered. By way of apology if any be needed for my own purile indiscretions above, I offer to all the imputed warmth from the following pictures. A keen eye on the Motometer will notice the perfect engine temp while pulling a long, steep grade.



                         Alive myself due to post-war medicine,                                                                                              -                                           Cadillac Carl 






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Thanks for the interesting and humorous episode C. I do know from experience (sad) that the circumstance you mention is not by chance. When I need to work in the garage and have to get a Studebaker out  I park it out in front of the house so the oil pan is over the villages blacktop and not my concrete drive (yes it leaks). This is directly below a power line. Birds will fly in and park directly over the car. No other birds on that line as far as the eye can see jut the one directly over my car. I do have actual pictures of this somewhere on my computer. Will post if I find. 


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On 1/11/2019 at 1:06 AM, C Carl said:

The bird splatter over the fenders and hood ("it" might have even hit the proverbial fan), speaks well for the "bombsights" of a half dozen cormorants perched on a highwire under which I had to pass a couple or three days earlier.



Cormorants? Aren't they in league with Packard? :blink:  I sense a bit of rivalry here. Maybe even fowl play.

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