1927 Buick Model 27 “Standard” Window Molding/Rubber Availability?

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So all the rubber window molding is cracked up and I mean Windshield, Quarter Glass, and Rear Window...... all of it!


Anyone know the availability and/ or have a link or info on it?


Any tips on replacing it?  I have a friend that owns a glass company but highly doubt they’ve ever worked on anything quite this vintage!


Any help is as always greatly appreciated!!


Most importantly, I hope everyone has a safe and prosperous New Year!




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Posted (edited)

I ordered ALL my rubber replacements from Steele.  Every piece fit as it should.



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Did everything myself.  

Carefully note how you remove everything and take photos as you go.  It really helps the re-install


Use the "string technique" when you install your rubber moldings.  It really makes things go nice and easy.


Here's how I did the rear window glass:




Front windshield glass / rubber install.  In this post, I had help and we used tools to pull the rubber over the pinch weld.  The tools did make a couple small marks in the rubber.  The string method I used on the rear glass left no marks in the rubber at all:



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