65 Riv, Playing around with wheels

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15 hours ago, RivNut said:

These wheel covers will fit your '65 wheels if the wheels have four holes outside the lug nut holes so the cover can be bolted on.  It's a two piece cover.  The cast aluminum part bolts to the wheel.  The stainless knock-off snaps into the large center hole (access to lug nuts via this hole) in the aluminum cover.  But if you're wanting to keep you '65 "all '65" these covers were only available on the 63 and 64 year models.  


Here's a picture of the cast part only mounted on a wheel.  Stainless knock off to be added after the wheel w/  cover is bolted to the brake drum.



Thanks for the info Ed, I have seen that style of hub cap on other older vehicles, but don't believe I have ever seen that one before. I have however seen the Buick wheels with the extra holes. I will need to check mine out. Thanks for the info and for always helping out.

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