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I saw a post from 2015 where folks were inquiring about extenders for the front seats so your not so close to the steering wheel. Has anybody found after market bolt on slide extenders?  There are a bunch of links on the inter webs but nothing for first gen Riviera’s. I’m 6’2” 320 and need a little more room. I don’t have power seats and thought I would ask before I custom make something. 




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Not the answer you want, but you will have to make your own. Best thing I did was change the steering wheel. A smaller wheel with less dish makes it a lot more comfortable for me. But my car is modified, so it is not out of place.

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I copied and pasted this from an older thread that I just happened to run across while looking for something else.  Hope it helps.  I don't need it, I'm only 5'8" tall.  I drove my '63 for 15 years as my daily driver and never had a problem.  Probably had to move the seat forward some.  😎



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I'm 6'-5" and I've had some experience moving seats back in my cars. I like both front seats to match, so here's what I did to gain 3" of leg room in my Riviera.

I bought a piece of 1/8" thick x 4" wide x 28" long piece of plain carbon steel at my local hardware store and cut it into 7-pieces each 4" x 4" long. 
Using the original front clips as a template, I drilled two 5/16" clearance holes 1/2" from the front edge on four of the pieces. Then using the first two holes as reference points, I clamped and welded the front clips 3" back (center hole to center hole) from the opposite edge. These four pieces are the front extensions. 
Next, I took two 4" x 4" plates and using the rear outer seat track section (the one with TWO holes) as a template and I drilled two 5/16" clearance holes 1/2" from one edge. Then, measuring 3" back drilled two more 5/16" clearance holes on the opposite edge and welded two 5/16"-18 nuts over the two rear holes. These two pieces are the rear-outer extensions.
Finally, take the last 4" x 4" piece and in half, so you have two 2" x 4" pieces. Using the rear seat inner track section (the part with ONE hole) as a template drill a 5/16" clearance hole 1/2" from the edge. Then, measuring 3" back drill another 5/16" clearance hole on the opposite edge and weld a 5/16"-18 nuts over the rear hole.  These will serve as the rear-inner extensions, you may need to cut a notch from one side so these pieces lay flat. 
Using the original (or new) seat bolts, bolt your new extension plates to the floor, then mount your seat on the extension plates and enjoy your Riviera with ample leg room. 



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