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1990 Buick Reatta convertible for sale

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I inherited this car from my father after he passed away and don't have the money or desire to work on it.  It is in really good shape, interior and exterior with zero rust.  He always garaged it in the winter as am I.  I love to drive it to the golf course and take it to dinner with the top down but again, it's just not me.  I am looking for the best offer.  The car is located in the Columbus Ohio area.  You will have to come pick it up.  It drives excellent, shifts excellent.  My wife and I drove it from Northern Idaho last spring with zero problems.  I have a receipt for about $800 for a new air conditioning pump it looks like that my dad had installed about a year or so ago.  I have all the maintenance receipts, he saved them all.   It also has all the manuals, tire gauge, cert of auth etc...Top is in excellent condition as well.  There is one problem, both of the headlights wont go up now.  I usually start it up in the garage once a week or so, and I noticed a few weeks ago one light wouldnt pop up, then, today, when I took it out and brought it back I tried again and the other now is not popping up.  When I push the lights on button and go to the engine compartment the two little motors have these black plastic nobs that are spinning but not lifting.  Anyhow, I just don't have the time or mechanical aptitude to repair them, and dont want the expense.  Let me know if you are interested.   I know what its worth, but am motivated!    I prefer calls or texts, or you can email me at













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Bill, all the best to you with your sale!

Reatta convertibles, despite being low-production cars,

are very reasonably priced.  If you are researching prices,

be sure to look at SOLD prices (such as those on Ebay),

because asking prices for old cars can be very unrealistic.


You should also post this ad or query in the Buick Reatta Buy-Sell 

section of our forum.  This specialized category gets a lot of

attention from Reatta fans.  Just scroll down the list of topics,

and you'll see several "Buick" classifications.  The Reatta category

is the last among them, and the "Reatta Buy/Sell" is a subcategory

below Reatta.



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posring a a reasonable price here, and noting if you are open to a reasonable offer will go a long way toward encouraging a potentially serious buyer, and to discouraging the Tire-Kickers.


Also, do you have the hard top, or only the folding top?


Listing the mileage, and maybe the date codes from the tires are other ways to encourage prospective buyer.


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Marty, Reatta convertibles didn't come with a hard top.  There are some pictures floating of an aftermarket hardtop I think was made by ASC but no one has owned up to actually seeing one.


Bill, an ad without a price is like a cake without icing.  I won't pursue ads without pricing because I assume that the seller is asking too much and doesn't think I woill notice.  It is a nice car but the advice about selling prices is a good one.  Reattas typically don't command high prices and less so if they are higher mileage or have problems.  The headlight fix is cheap and easy, you would be well advised to get it done rather than discount your price because of it.  Good luck with your sale but POST YOUR PRICE!














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Bill, I believe that C-4 Corvette headlights operate in a similar manner, and guys who know them could solve your problem relatively inexpensively . My C-4 1988 ‘Vette recently had both headlights repaired since one was about to fail.

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Please post a price??? I'm looking to get rid of my Reatta convertible (It's posted in Reatta forum @ $1900) as it needs a lot of work or used for a parts car.

When it's gone I'm looking for a decent one to replace it. No price? No response from me.

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Im selling it for $6000.  I tried to edit/update it but it didnt work.. I think though I have buyers in my area now that I dropped the price so low.

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1 hour ago, Bill S said:

I'm selling it for $6000.  I tried to edit/update it but it didnt work...


You can edit any posting you made, at any time.

Make sure you are logged in;  then go to your posting

in question.  Click on the "Edit" text at the bottom of

the posting;  your posting will now be editable.

Change any text you like and/or add pictures;

then click "save" at the very bottom.


It's probably a good idea to edit your first posting,

so that the price will be immediately apparent to 

people looking.  May your Reatta find a good home!

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