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Pre-war Upholstering

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I'm looking into having a big early 1930's Club Sedan upholstered -- wool broadcloth. 

The original upholstery is there, just too ratty to be comfortably used.

I'm not looking for Pebble Beach quality, mostly driver quality but I want it done right and done well. 


Does anyone know of someone doing this kind of work in the northeast?  I'm in Albany, NY.


Thanks --- Luke



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I can recommend Everlast Auto on St. Georges Avenue, Linden, NJ Their work is high end and somewhat pricey. Eric Gordon is the current owner (son). Everlast has been in business since 1946. They did the leather trim on my Lincoln touring and that vehicle is now an AACA/CCCA senior due largely in part to the interior/top.

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Having lived in Linden, and had work done by Everlast, their work is OK -


For the quality you want I would suggest that you contact a gentleman on this FORUM, a frequent contributor-


His handle is: trimacar

he is in Winchester, VA, and is especially well experienced in your type of car, and I can assure your delight with his work

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Thanks for kind words, Marty....Luke and I have been communicating for a while, both on Pierce Arrows and on upholstery work.  


I'm doing my best to say no to any more work.  I'm booked now for a year, on a few promised projects, I need to do some of my own work before I get way too old!


It's getting hard to find a good trimmer, and harder still to find one who'll do a correct job.  I recently saw a nice Cord phaeton on Facebook, an upholstery shop was showing off the new interior.  Nice sewing, but very obvious from the pictures that they'd done it all in foam, which is incorrect and won't last.


I know a great upholstery shop for later work (50's up), but other than a couple of Pebble Beach quality trimmers (with pricing to match) I don't have anyone to recommend.

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I know what you mean about the foam.

One of the few things I THOUGHT didn’t need work on my 31 Buick was the upholstery. Well as soon as I took the bottom cushion out a cloud of black dust enveloped me. 

This is what 40 year old foam looks like. It’s that pile of black dust on the floor.



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