1956-60 Dodge Truck front fender repair panel

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Is there someone out there who can help me identify the correct application for a pair of body repair panels that were made back in the 1960's for the lower rear section of Dodge trucks? The original manufacturers catalog said that their panel fit 1956-60 Dodge trucks one ton and under. The attached pictures show the bare metal body repair panel next to a 1956 Dodge 1/2 ton front fender and even though the contours are similar the repair panel is definitely different. Was this area of the front fender shaped differently on the trucks larger than one ton?

dodge truck 1.jpg

dodge truck 2.jpg

dodge truck 3.jpg

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That looks more like a 1958 to 1960 fender part. The 1954-1956 fenders are the same, the 1957 fender is nearly identical to the 1954-1956. 1958-1960 are the same in that area.


The previous information is for 1/2 ton to 1 ton 2wd. 1 1/2 ton and larger as well as 4wd are different and have different interchanges.



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