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I need a little help.

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When I'm not working on restoring my 1932 Dodge Brothers Sedan, I often work on art projects or model building.  I'm currently working on a three-dimensional shadow box featuring a scene from a Film Noir film - two detectives sitting in a period car.  I have two of the three elements I need, a very sharp photo of the two actors in the car taken directly from the film, and a period background of a 40s Los Angeles street at night.  What I don't have is a good shot of the car they are sitting in.  Try as I might, I can find nothing on the internet that works.  The photo below comes as close as I can get, but it is too small and lacks the necessary detail.  The rainstorm doesn't help, either.





So, I'm asking if someone out there with a forties sedan (or late thirties) could take a front shot of their car, as large as possible (the quality turned up high) that matches the shot above.  It may be too large to post on the site, but if you send me a PM, I'll shoot you my email.  The background doesn't matter - garage, outdoors - doesn't matter as long as the car is clear.  I'll be removing the background and interior in Photoshop, so the car itself is the only thing that counts.


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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