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I'm working on a friend's '53 Ford Customline, and he would like the front amber lights to be on when the headlights are on like they are on modern cars.  I was thinking about  using a dual filament bulb, like the tail lights, but I can't find a light socket for the front that allows my to do that.  Can I just order a pair of tail light sockets, and install them in the front light housings?  Then I could wire it so  the front and rear lights would be on the same terminal on the headlight switch, and then hook the other wire to the turn signal switch.


I'm just wondering if you guys have done something like this, or if not, what have you done?





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If the car originally had turn signals, the front bulbs would be dual filament like the rear bulbs. I believe that most 1953 Fords had turn signals installed at the factory. The only exception might be the Mainliner. Turn signals became mandatory in 1954.


The easiest way to have the parking lights on with the headlights is to tie the parking light wire to the taillight wire at the switch. The tail light comes on with the parking lights and head lights.


Here is a link to the wiring diagram.



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