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I urge all readers/members of this forum to visit the web site of the National Woodie Club.  If you are a member of our club, please log in on our site and make use of it.  It has been extensively improved thanks to the efforts of Vice President Wayne Yada.  If you are not a member yet, we would welcome you and also invite you to join a local chapter or two.  You'll love the camaraderie.  


Our site is:  www.nationalwoodieclub.com



Bill Sampson

National Woodie Club President

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It would probably be a good idea to search the forum on this topic.  This particular thread was created by me simply to encourage our members to use this site.  The National Woodie Club does have car advisors for a number of different vehicles.  Have a look at your directory to find the one for your 49 Ford.  I personally have never been through the process of fitting wood, but, I am told it is a painstaking process.




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