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Seat belt molding/frame/bezel repairs


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I have not done that part but here is a suggestion I have used on other plastic parts.


Use something like instant glue to hold the parts together in alignment.

From the backside.... take a short piece of wire,  bend the ends down so they can go into the plastic.....care must be taken on a flimsy piece like this because you do not have much thickness to work with.

A metal staple will work fine.....cut off the legs to the needed length.

Lay the wire part over the crack ...centered....mark the location of the ends......with a drill...smaller than the wire,  make a start hole (be careful on a thin piece not to go thru the plastic.)

position the wire part so the legs are started in the holes you made.   

Holding one end to stabilize the part,  use your solder iron/gun to heat the metal and melt it into the plastic part.   Repeat on the other end.

If you want....apply epoxy over the finished patch. 

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Just now, SCOTT's 90's said:

Actually there is a little plastic tab that extends over the gap to keep the two pieces flush with each other, which yours appears to have been broken off. But it is no big deal since it is not that visible anyways.

That tab was only added for 1990 and 1991. Probably to combat the issue of them not laying flat on the 88 and 89 models 

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