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Fuel Injection for a '78 buick 350 engine


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I was curious if anyone here has any experience with this. I want to put a 350 i got laying around here in a 86-87 Regal, i'd like to be able to put a supercharger on it later on, and i just want this car to scream. I see all kinds of information on chevy 350's but nothing on buick 350's, other than the TA system. I've heard the Buick Roadmaster had a 350 in it with fuel injection. Would it be a good idea to find one of these cars and would it even fit with the old 78 350? If anyone has ANY information on this please post links or give detailed information here. Thanks


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To my knowledge, there are no aftermarket FI units made for the Buick 350.

I believe the Roadie 350 you're thinking of is a Chevy-based engine known as the GM LT-1, used in the Impala SS, Corvette, Camero SS, Firebird and Buick Roadmaster in the early 90's. This engine has no commonality with the Buick 350.


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