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1929 Packard 645 limousine wrecker truck conversion


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This appeared on Craigslist, certainly one of the last undiscovered of its type,  a 1929 Deluxe Eight 645 service truck wrecker conversion of a Holbrook Inside-Drive Limousine body:



I have no interest or stake in its sale, just thought to bring it to general attention, an interesting historical vehicle.


'29 645 service truck Centerport LINY a.jpg

'29 645 service truck Centerport LINY b.jpg

'29 645 service truck Centerport LINY c.jpg

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42 minutes ago, trimacar said:

Price quoted is $19,500, high, but bragging rights on something that cool ARE expensive!


Thanks.  I'm blind.   I looked everywhere but the title.    I think 19,500 is not bad at all for something that cool if it was built prior to WWII.

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I'd never turn it back into a sedan. Wow, that's seriously cool. I'd put my company's name and logo on the side, make it look weathered like the rest of the truck, make it run right, and take it to shows. It could probably handle pulling a modest trailer with a lightweight car on it. What a cool rig that would be if you had an auto-related business. If I hadn't bought this Lincoln, I'd actually seriously consider this. I bet the guy who owns that thing has 10x more fun with it than the guy with a restored 645 limousine.


Would it be welcome on CCCA Caravans? How awesome would it be to show up in that? Use it as the trouble truck!

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6 minutes ago, mercer09 said:

no title- doesnt run and you guys think this is a deal for 19500.?



I was thinking it was probably priced at double it's realistic value.  I saw it on my somewhat local craigslist before it was posted here.  You could dump 10G in Mechanicals faster than you think if everything is worn out and tired if you do the work yourself.  It's still a Packard and those parts aren't cheap.   Doesn't matter if they are going on a one off bodied speedster worth a few hundred thousand or more or an old converted Sedan.   Sellers usually price the parts figuring they are just short of unobtanium rather than common stuff. 

I do agree it's cool but lots of things are 20G cool out there. 

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23 minutes ago, auburnseeker said:


I do agree it's cool but lots of things are 20G cool out there. 


That would be a good thread topic. Not sure you can find anything cooler for 20k.  Wether it is a good idea or not is moot, there is nothing going on here that is a good idea.

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"It sure does cast a shadow!"

" Don't be the last guy."
Those of you who knew Don as well or better or longer than I did will be very familiar with these quotes, a couple of his favorites.
In today's car hobby it's hard to know when you are the guy paying "the last dollar" for a vehicle.
With that said.
It was my great pleasure and a blessing to know Don Carlson very well late in his life.
He loved sharing stories about the cars he owned and had owned during his many decades in the business but for him it wasn't just business it was his passion.
Don treasured his collection of cars and parts and cared for them the best he could right to the end of his days. It took more than cash for him to part with anything good, he had to like you some, his closest friends know if he saw you as a kindred spirit he became very generous when he could help you "shape up" a project.
He always had the unobtanium you needed.
So how do you put a price on this thing.
Who wants it next? - It's still for sale.
What can you afford? - Or afford to loose? 
What can you do yourself? .........................
Who has time to give to this one.................
 What do you want it for? - Investment?, Bragging rights?, It's History?
Emotions can get the best of us.
For me this thing is part of Don's legacy and that makes me want it more than I should because I loved the man and his passion.
Someone needs to breathe life back into this Packard and share it with the future. 
With all that said:
If the carburetor, gauges/speedometer (unobtanium) come with it, I'd be a buyer and the guy at $13,500. 
I hope someone needs it that can afford more than me.
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That's not a Packard body used for the cab. If it is it's something really custom coachbuilt but I'll hang with it not being Packard. That said, and rolling with all the other price talk, if it could be brought back to running condition it really is worth close to the advertised price. Who's willing to build a "new" one? And even if you did would it have the spirit this one has? No. Since it came from a noted enthusiast I'd be willing to bet a good cup of coffee it has a real back story as well. Some tangible history to season the kool factor beyond dollars and sense. Just my .02. Wishing all a happy New Year. 

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