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My new shop art project

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I have always loved the 1936 Dictator Art Deco Gauges so when I found a set on Ebay I snapped them up. Now, that I am for a time not able to do strenuous Studebaker work I was able to make a display for the shop. I added a couple Golden Hawk touches and some pictures of me and my 36 Coupe.
It was a 36 Dictator 4A that was owned by a mechanic and it was mechanically in great condition. I bought it in 1965 when I was flush with cash working road construction for $2.00 an hour and could afford the $60 price. And just so you know I am an astute investor I sold it to the Pioneer Museum in Murdo, SD , where it still resides, for a whopping $180 two years later.


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