65 riv - trans solenoid for kickdown and switch pitch

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Hi All


im checking wiring for my kickdown/switch pitch...


I’ve unconnected the wires at the transmission ....I note that the connector that sticks out of the trans with the two prongs rotates quite freely this is a sign that it’s not connected properly inside trans at the solenoid?





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             The plastic connector on the transmission has a tab on it that fits into a notch on the outside of the hole it goes into that is supposed to

prevent the connector from rotating. This tab is apparently broken off, allowing the connector to rotate. If you have been rotating the connector,

it could have come unplugged on the back side of the connector. You can buy new connectors for these to repair your problem. To replace it all you

have to do is drop the pan, unplug it on the back side, and squeeze in the tabs on the back side to release it so you can pull it out of the hole. Then you

 can just snap in the new one and plug it in on the back side and reinstall the pan and add new fluid to replace what you lost.

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Aha....many thanks...since posting my question I took a pic as I couldn’t really see what was going on , except that there was some free play going on... I’ve attached it here ...the triangular bit at the top that a remnant of the tab you mentioned? Thanks , kev



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