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Lincoln two seater concept car from 2004: was it sold?

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I noticed Linc. is having opera doors again as an option, so I started looking for other great ideas they could revive  and found this two seater concept car which looks a lot like the production two seater Thunderbird.

:I was wondering if the car was sold when Ford had a sale of former dream cars, some of which looked photographable but didn't have working drive trains.  Here's some publicity pablum



The Lincoln Mark X (ten in Roman numerals) from the 2004 Detroit Motor Show is a true American Luxury cruiser with a power retractable glass hard top.

The minimalist exterior of the Mark X is no-nonsense and businesslike. The focus of the exterior is the imposing chrome grille, which incorporates the 'C' shaped headlights flowing into two chrome strips running the length of the car along its shoulders.

The right combination of contrasting colors and textured materials presents a modern and luxurious interior. Mark X's Lime Sorbet coloured interior is complemented with White Corian accents, polished aluminum, dark chrome, natural grain leather seating, plush sheepskin flooring and tailored tone-on-tone stitching throughout. The instrument panel integrates a softly illuminated, jewel-like instrument cluster that combines analog with digital technology.

Chief designer of the Mark X, Marek Riechman says of the car - 
"The focus with Mark X was on pure, integrated design. Our holistic exterior and interior design approach instantly shows its rewards…"

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Wow, for a modern car, that's about as pretty as they come. Sort of in the spirit of the last T Bird they made, but even prettier, IMHO. Obviously I don't know as much about making or marketing cars as those folks do, but I think if that - or something similar - could've become a production model they would've sold quite a few. Wouldn't you rich folks out here have bought if they'd made it?


Sorry that I can't help as far as the prototype being sold or not. Thanks for posting the pics.

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