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"Vintage clothing" Ralph Lauren, want to m=copy their style

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I get a laugh out of Ralph Lauren's Double R ranch line of leather jackets, particuarly the ones that look like old flight jackets. Somehow they look worn a hell on the outside but have new looking liners and wrist elastic. They have old military unit patches here and there and one style has faded white stars, similar to the single star seen on cargo planes in the Korean war. Some ads say "Hamlin", is that a type of leather? Anyway these cost something like $990 to $1400! I think the market is young peole who haven't put in much hard labor but want a jacket that looks like it's been worn for decades by  hard working man. I am trying to make one mself. I bought some old jackets but don't know where to buy marque patches--like Ferrari. Also I am putting a painting of an old car on the back, that printed on a t-shirt and then cut out. Several shoemakers passed on sewing it--t-shirt material too soft. Anyway I'll post a picture of the result, but post pictures of RLR's  jacket(s) first. In a way this ties in with barn find cars, looks like barn find jackets....

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Here's the pictures. On the one with the stars, the stars seem randomly applied, on a real military jacket wouldn't they be in a neat row?

Also on the back of the jacket there is a painting of a black panther atop the flag and the big number "43" was that a military unit?

The ad says it is hand painted. And it is in the women's department!  Another jacket from RLR Ranch had that yellow patch shaped like a shield with a diagonal black line and horse head (7th Cavalry?)

I'm just interested in opinions on the popularity of distressed-or-old looking brand new clothing

for some reason it is listed under womans.jpg

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