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1934 series 40 gearbox

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Sad tale ..  Just found the gearbox from my 34 series 40 must have been full of water at some stage and the gears are severely pitted and most are unusable.

The guy that's looking at the box for me can provide most of the gears required but I need desperately a 1934/35 input shaft and the synchro springs.

I am in Sydney , Australia .


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The Hollander 1952 shows series 40 '34-35 used the same two gearboxes. It looks like the same gears in a different case. Up to series 40 #2780146, case was 1285520, then either 1395652 or 1294297.


The main shaft T187-2C was used here, but also later. The input shaft is the Main Drive Gear in their terminology and is T187-16E. Same in '34-35 40, 50; '36 40.


The small parts are not listed in The Hollander.


Another interchange publication shows this:




Maybe that will help you.

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Hello all-  I am in need of the same part, input shaft WT187-16E or GM P/N 1282454 for my 1935 Series 40, mostly original 3 window coupe.  No help on Ebay or anywhere else I have found.  Was driving every weekend until input shaft stripped.  All leads appreciated!


Houston, TX

1935 buick side.png

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Input shaft 1 1/8" 10spline? May be the same for a `36 Buick 40series with 233 engine. Dave Tacheny parts out `36-`40 Buicks  Phone only 4-7pm central time m-f  763 427-3460  Did it damage the teeth of the cluster gear too? Dave might have a complete transmission or the part you need.

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