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what spray gun to use

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So I just started collecting pedal car and I am collecting the necessary tools to do all the work myself,  my next item is to buy a hobby sized paint system and I cannot decide what to get.  Should I get one off of Amazon that has a little air compressor or go airless like the Wagner ones. I will be spraying auto paint so I'm not sure the airbrush ones would work  Any help would to awesome 

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The cost and size of the spray gun will not be as much as the cost of a compressor that can maintain the air pressure you require to spray the paint. A spray gun big enough to do the job without taking forever (like a air brush would ) can be purchased for reasonable $ at a tool supply place like Harbor freight. The air compressor you need to think further about. The tank of the compressor that holds the reserve air under pressure is what will make your experience and future ones enjoyable. If you get one that is to small you will spray a little, then have to wait for pressure/capacity to build up, and this will be repeated over and over. I have no experience with the airless ones, so my comments are based on a regular air compressor that is full size, that early on I bit the (co$t) bullet on.  Look at what TP in Ohio  has I have been very very happy with what I bought from them, and have restored a lot of large pressed steel toys as well as pedal cars . Good luck!


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