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Buick street races?

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Wow... I haven't posted in a while and everything is so different now. It'll take some time to get used to this...

Anyway, anyone care to share any stories about street racing their Buick? I have a whole bunch of stories and would like to hear yours too.

My car: 1996 Buick Roadmaster, rear wheel drive, LT-1 engine (daily driver, most stories) vs.

95-ish body Ford Mustang on the freeway, race started from about 60mph and i kept him behind me all the way to 110.

Dodge Durango, i don't know what he had on it but we were running dead even until about 70, then i started moving ahead.

Mercedes S430 (New body) with a sport package... Even until about 40mph, then i hit second gear and pulled about a car length by 60.

Lexus IS300, repeated number of back to back races from 0-80mph. I won every time.

Subaru Impreza WRX wagon, we started at about 10mph to until about 60. Since it was a rolling start he couldn't drop the clutch on startoff. I kept about 3 car lengths ahead.

Also a whole bunch of little japanese cars (i.e. civic, integra)

I lost to a Ford Lightning and a Mercedes S600 (New body also).

I lost to a 1993 Mercedes 500E.

That's about all I can think of now, but I'm sure I'll remember more stories over time, and make new ones too. Would sure like to hear yours too.

I think i'll go for a drive...

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I got a 65 Riviera with an original 401, 3.42 posi, and the switch pitch trans with a stage 2 shift kit. I was neck to neck all the way to 100mph with a 98 GT mustang with 3.93 gears, headers and flowmaster exhaust. It was a stick shift car. That was from off the line. We decided to slow down because we were on base and the base cops ain't got nothing else to do but put crazy kids like us in jail. Before I put the 3.42 in, it had a 2.73 and I put about 8 car lengths between me and a mid 80's monte carlo. I wouldn't even call that one a race. I like to hear about the puffs of smoke that come from my tires, especially when it's from the guy I raced. He wasn't able to see the front of my car. tThere is not a quarter mile track here in albuquerque so all I do is street race. I have been close to plowing other cars off the road but fortunately I haven't got a ticket since I was stationed here 3 years ago. I would guess my car to be in the mid to high 14's at sea level. I could go on all day about all the cars that beat me. I just love to race. I will race a corvette, cobra or anything else that I want to see open up. I just love to see cars go fast. By the way, my dad has the same car you have and it too has the corvette motor in it. It is awesome. When he bought his car, he always wondered how his friend got close to 29 MPG on the highway and my dad only got around 22MPG. Then he found out what he had when he took it in to be serviced for the first time. Lucky him.

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Hey 96Roadmaster,


I have a 94 Roadmaster Wagon.

Haven't really raced anyone except for my friend's 2002 WRX. We took it up to 100+ km/h from 0 3 times. I was ahead all the way and he passed me above 100km/h. Glad to hear you beat some nice cars too!

Question: Does your Roadmaster cut off at 175 km/h (109 mph) in 3rd gear? In 4th gear, my best speed was 179 km/h before I chickened out. Anything over 170 doesn't feel too good. :-)

Do you know the actual 0-60 time amd 1/4 mile times? Car & Driver says 6.7 secs and 1/4 mile in 15 flat.

I love this wagon and it's a 'sleeper' and still is 8 years later. Boy was it ahead of its time back in 94. Still runs strong and almost like new with 140,000 km on it! If it wasn't for the Buick Regal GS (I think), it should hold the badge for fastest stock Buick in the 90's. Probably still in y2k (correct me if I'm wrong).


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Only two to tell. 2 different buicks. First, my 66 LeSabre 400 convertible with stock 340 engine. On the 4 lane highway between two towns I was headed to a parts house going about 60 per and saw this early 80's Vette coming up fast behind me. When he got almost to my rear bumper I floored it. He took up the challenge, got his drivers door just about even with my front bumper before I pulled ahead of him. Got three or four car lengths ahead of him and let him try again. Wiped him three times in a row. He followed me into the parts house parking lot and demanded to know what the hell did I have under the hood. Showed him the stock 340 and he left shaking his head and saying something to the effect that if he had had more room he would have got me on top end. The way that 340 ran I don't think he would have.

Second was with my 88 Reatta just recently. Same highway I pulled onto the highway after an Accura, don't know the year, went by. As I pulled upalong side of him he hit the pedal, challenge accepted so did I. He stayed with me till about 100 per and then I started pulling away. at 110 I let off and he had given up.

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i own a 69 GS400 the 400 was gone when i bought the car and dropped a 70 455 out of a GS riviera. the car was in primer w/weld wheels all around. this car looked like a sleeper though. this kid pulls up beside me in a 5.0 mustang and thought he was all that. we take off i left him like a bad habit. we pulled over and talked. he couldnt beleive he had been beaten by a relic off the past.

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One night I had six people in the car and we were coming home from a late dinner. A couple guys in an 80's Camaro pull up to us at a light and everyone in the car wants me to race them. Their aren't any other cars on the road and its 6 lanes wide, so I figure its pretty safe. We take off and I slowly pull ahead of him even with 6 people in the car! I must have weighed 5500 lbs. at the time! Got to love that torque. I can also do small burnouts with 6 people in the car!

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Nice going Roadmaster! The car really suprises a lot of people. Youre lucky you have a lot of good sports in your area. I get plenty of one finger salutes in mine.

Keep in mind my 70 Electra has four doors, 18 feet long, all solid steel and weighs over 5,000 lbs.

1. Ford Taurus SHO "early 90"s Beat him off the line until 60 mph then he had to back off because he ran out of road! We have lane merges at nearly every light here so you better get ahead in a hurry or your riding the shoulder or taking out mailboxes!

2. Ford Mustang GT "97 auto trans" 40mph to 95. Still ahead of him but he was gaining when State Trooper merges onto I 57 ahead of us. That was my first high speed stop attempt with four wheel drum brakes. Let me tell you, disc brakes were a Godsend to the automotive world. My front end dipped down like a waverunner with the kill switch on. We both looked at each other and laughed. I took the offramp just in case.

3. 1996 Impala S.S. The old 455 four barrel let's loose for me with my grandfathers Impala behind me. We are doing about 55 on a divided highway when I punch it to pass what I thought was just two cars ahead of me. Turns out to be five! Already committed, I left it on the floor and pulled away from a startled grandpa. He laid in on it and followed up behind me gaining fast. I looked down and she read 110 and still pulling strong. He was only about a car length and a half behind me, but I think that was courtesy so he would not tailgate.

We survived the pass and pulled into the next fuel station, mostly for my behalf of course. We chatted about it and I asked him if I had a clean burn from the tailpipe or if I was smoking with the barrels wide open. He said a brief puff of unburned and after that she took off clean with no black smoke. Another hats off to Crane Cams electronic ignition for precise timing and power delivery! These are an honest accounting of some of my adventures. May not sound very impressive but I think she did well for an almost 33 year old Land Yacht. Enjoy!

Paul Urban

BCA #38544

1970 Electra 225

4 door 455 four barrel

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What a cool week. I'd call this a (mostly) euro car week.

I went heads up with an Audi A4 (new body) up to about 70mph and opened up about 10 car lengths on it.

Also beat a Mercedes E320 on the freeway from about 60 on up.

Raced a Nissan 300zx twice. Once from a stop and once from about 50 on up. Beat him twice in a row.

And lastly, the most amazing, I got a TAXI to race me from a stoplight. It was a Ford Crown Vic. You know what happened....

Anyone in the Los Angeles / California area?

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I have been running in the Philly area for 2 years now with my Buick. Can't name all the run-ins I have had... but:

Best kill in Joan was a '96 Camaro SS...

Had a Moser 12 Bolt with high 3.xx's, short throw, usual bolt-ons for LT-1, and a 100 shot. Claimed mid 13's on motor alone, had slips to prove 12's with nitrous.

I talked trash to him all summer, and finally he says he's up for a run on just motor.

Run 1:

Pull off onto local 2 lane highway, stop dead and call 'go' Neck and Neck till he hits 3rd and 'ol Joan starts to walk on him, PSSSSSTTTTTT--he claimed bad

traction and sprayed on me!

Run 2:

come back on way back to our local spot... dead even, neck and neck... he hits 3rd and starts to fade off... we pull back into the parking lot...

... oh he "broke something"... It just felt good to beat on a supposed 'fast' F-Body.

If I had the time I'd write more about the past 2 years of running the Blu-ick, but none of you want to read anymore.

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I know alot of you will cringe, but yes, one of my Skylarks, my '71 is Bowtie powered. It is as far from a sleeper, like a flea is to a horse. I just wanted RAW power, and anyone who has tried to Super Street a Buick motor will agree, that it's pretty tedious. Anyhow, it's still a small block pushing 560 horses and 610 torque <roughly> a 4500 stall, and backed by Richmond 4:88 gears, runs my 1/4 mile time in low-mid 10's consistently.

I haven't done too much street racing in this, the fuel cost will break me, but I have put it in gear a time or two in cool summer nights. My most memorable was last year when Americruise camped out in Lincoln, Ne for a few nights, the beast came out.

Was having a great time, beautiful cars, cam2 burning your eyes and exhaust that made you forget about everything but your goose-bumps. I found my self sitting at a red light on East bound 'O' street at the 48th street intersection. A '69 'Cuda was really trying to get my attention, and had been for a while, I decided to give in. I (personally was too busy checking my temp guage at the time of the light trip) so my reaction time was a little week, though the hole-shot was all but poor. The race only lasted for about 5 blocks, I was about rapped out and he was probably <nearly> a block and a half behind. I couldn't stop laughing and smiling with my girlfriend, even when the local city kitties had me pulled over threatning to impound the car for a speed "Just not allowed in town". They took it REALLY easy on me, gave me 200 in fines. They were just leaving when one commented on my back window. Which in white stickers reads, "HAHAHAHA, you got whooped by a Buick". In large letters to add.

I have a few more, but I really try to do most of my REAL racing on the strip when I get a chance...

Send more of yours, I do have some good ones with my NEAR stock '72 Skylark 350/4bbl, which by the way is for sale.

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