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1933 Pierce Arrow 836 Club Sedan


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Not mine, but I wish it were. Several years ago, I showed my '31 Cadillac 355A convertible coupe at St. Johns, and had the pleasure of admiring this car, as it was also on the show field. I thought I had owned my last Classic sedan, but this one could change my mind.



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Here's another 1933 Pierce-Arrow club sedan.

I don't know whether it's the same Pierce model

as the Ebay car, but I like its maroon paint scheme.

It belonged to one of our local AACA members,

who sold it a year or two;  but it reappeared this year

(2018) at AACA's Eastern National Spring Meet

with its new owner.




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It's a great car, meticulously restored by an expert.  Slightly older but still a stunning restoration.  Some tweaks to make it a very fast and powerful tour car.  It does have new tinted glass, which is not original and may not be liked by some.....


Only downside is that it's a closed car in the price range of an open car.  This one may be more drivable, but for about the same money being asked for this one, you could have bought a beautiful '31 phaeton Pierce once owned by Tom Lester and a beautiful restoration also.  I'd rather have the open car.



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I was going to post a question to the general section of this forum, but I'll ask here:

This 836 Club Sedan is a CCCA National First Prize winner  -- 100 points, allegedly.

So is this consistent with the fact that the car has all around tinted glass? 

Would this car receive an AACA Senior award with tinted glass?


I find it hard to believe the owner replaced all the glass after doing the show circuit.  To replace all that glass and return it to clear glass seems to be a huge project.  The risk of damaging something is sobering.

And no, it's not a peel-off lamination.  We checked. . .  it's real, tinted glass.


-- Luke

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The car was restored with the gray tinted glass. Pierce Arrow used green tinted glass from 1934 to 1938 on all the cars. The gentleman who restored that car is one of the most talented restorers in the world. He chose to use that glass. I did not ask him why, as he is a good friend, his car, his choice. I have made some similar decisions on MY cars, I don’t apologize for them. My modifications are reversible and much less obvious than the gray tint, but they are what I wanted. I’m mostly a purest and I like my cars 99.9 percent stock. When the car was restored he knew what he was doing, and yes some may pass on the car because of it. To do a restoration to that level today in a modern shop would run 500k. So, buy the car, spend 10k replacing the glass with clear, and you have a fantastic car. Then again, buy the car and drive it the way it is, and you have a fantastic car. The car at 100k is basically free......your buying 20 percent of thr restoration cost, and the entire car is free. I have no idea who owns  it today, but it’s one of the best restored Pierce Arrow cars in the world. Ed

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What Ed said!  If one is a serious buyer looking for one of the best closed cars out there, then the tinted glass shouldn't be an issue.  It's work to change the glass, but it can be done, and I've even heard from a potential buyer that the seller offered to have the glass changed if the asking price was met.  The asking price is high, but as Ed states, the quality of the car is very high and with today's costs 100K wouldn't restore it to this level.  We used to talk about restorations in the sense that it's relatively easy to get a car to 90 or so points, it's every point after that that REALLY costs!


I talk to the restorer of this car quite often, and in one recent conversation he stated that he'd done a few internal modifications to the carburetor, among other "invisible" tweaks, and the car runs and drives and accelerates like nobody's business...….

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6 hours ago, John_S_in_Penna said:

Back in December, the Ebay record shows, this sedan

was bid up to $57,600, but the reserve was not met.


The link I posted to the RM auction shows that it sold for $121K including the buyers premium in 2014.

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