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1934 230 Ci Truck Engine & Clutch Assy needed

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"Studebaker Folks",


I have become involved with the restoration of a 1934 T-2 Studebaker Truck with a Fire Body. This truck is an Historical Artifact, having been initially purchased for use at Sequoia National Park, then used at Yosemite National Park, finally donated to California State Parks for use at Angel Island Immigration Center (See included pictures). At some earlier time the Truck was left out of doors with water in the block, the 230 CI Engine Block and Cylinder Head froze and severely cracked.

Someone then removed the engine and clutch from the Truck, took it apart and left all of it in the weather to RUSt solid!


The clutch was disassembled,during engine removal, so most of the clutch linkage has been lost, thus requiring a complete new clutch assembly and related parts.


This truck is being restored by a private group for donation to a Fire Museum display in California.  At this time I have been asked to help find a rebuilt or ''rebuildable" engine and clutch assembly. for this Truck.


If anybody on this Forum, knows of an Engine and Clutch Assembly - ANYWHERE -  In the US of A, Please  let me know the 'approximate' condition, where it is located and the asking price.


Looking forward to hearing from ANYONE with information.


 Best Antique Truck Regards,


Donn Marinovich

Columbia, California




Sequoia Fire Truck (1).JPG


Fire truck at DPR Archives (1) (low res) (8).jpg

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Can you tell me if the engine has long ribs on the side of the block?

If so it is a truck engine that was used 1934/35 Studebaker and White 8A trucks.

Dave Thibeault is currently restoring an engine like that for a truck in Norway.

It is a heavy duty version of the 1934 car engine used in the model 56.

Both these engines used a timing gear instead of a timing chain.

I have a complete 1934 car engine with an aluminum head for sale that could be used but would have a slightly different appearance .

I am having health problems and am old and slow and can not ship engines anymore so it is pickup only.

Robert Kapteyn

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