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Locking door handle


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I have a 1928 Buick Master with this locking handle, but I do not have any key for it. I m not sure if this is the correct handle for this car, but since all four handles are the same type, I decided to keep them. All doorlocks are working fine. The outside length of the handle is 4 1/4", the length of the handle included the axle is 4 13/16".


A few weeks ago I bought a new locking cylinder which I hope is the correct one for this handle. It is a Briggs & Stratton cylinder. Outside diam is 5/8"( which  is the same as the old one), inside diam is 1/2". Total length is 1 31/32".


Can anyone who are familiar with this type of handles tell me if the new cylinder is the correct one for this handle, and how do I remove the old one without destroying anything ? It is in the "locked" position, I have removed the small parts inside the escutcheon, but are not able to remove the escutcheon itself because of the locking piece sticking out of the axle.





Thank you!

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You should be able to take the handle as is to a locksmith and have keys cut for it. I was told there are three ways: using optical devices to look inside, to use old "lockpicking" sort of techniques using wee levers and picks and a more clever way I can't remember.


To remove the cylinder you will probably have to remove the bezel. That piece that holds the spring on will have to come off first. What holds it on? Raised stakes from the shaft? Once the spring and washer(s) are off, you should be able to fiddle the bezel off and release a C clip or a spring clip to pull the cylinder. But it might not come out easily if the handle is die-cast - old die-cast often swells as the zinc in it corrodes and it will grip the cylinder tightly.


The key series should help determine if it is the correct cylinder. Someone posted a page from a B&S key catalogue on these fora a while ago. The Buick keys were B250-499 and B500-749, which used different key blanks. The hard part is I don't know the date of the catalogue page. Your proposed replacement is B359 so looks like it fits in the first series.

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Spinneyhill. Thank you for the answer. I will first try to remove the old cylinder, because here are no locksmith near by where I live.


I have removed all the small parts, and then it looks like the photo. It is that piece on the top that prevents me to remove the bezel. I hope the old cylinder is not totally stuck, because I can see it moves a little bit when I try to turn it with my new key.


Do you think my new cylinder is the correct one for this handle?


Thank you.20181216_201758.thumb.jpg.5c1f3d0be35f988435fc80c6962ea44a.jpg

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Good luck w the lock/key!


Not meaning to high jack your post but just curious on these Briggs Stratton Cylinders!!


i have a locksmith friend who has been trying to assist me w my transmission lock, we found out it’s not a Yale lock cylinder but also a Briggs and Stratton Co cylinder (BASCO) as well!


He cut a Yale key before determining its a BASCO cylinder, I guess BASCO cylinders take diff key blanks than Yale correct?


Hugh has be. An enormous help on this with me..... THANKS HUGH!!!!



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