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The Fort Lauderdale Region AACA

The 9th annual Toys for Tots :wub:


Although 2018 was #9 in the FLAACA series to support the efforts of the United States Marines in the South Florida Christmas gifting of children, it’s never an event on cruise control by any means. As with the Boca Raton concourse gala, the kickoff is to meet with Rick Case, our main sponsor to secure a date for use of his expansive KIA dealership “outside” paved parking facility.


Then the FLAACA event Chairman Jim Wright starts the months long sojourn seeking the door prizes and giveaways that marked this charity event as a pre-Christmas soirée for the all the attendees. And by “all attendees” that means anyone who wants to support Toys for Tots, not just AACA members..


You see our region supports the local car culture not just for us region members but for all of South Florida, all the time. It is also our way of introducing our AACA to the older car owners who want to proudly show their old, or newer, automobiles. I should know, as I was an attendee of the monthly car cruises way before my car suddenly turned into an AACA antique.


The weather was better than fine, as we had overcast “shade” most of the day. The local weatherman forecasted 50% chance of rain, but we don’t believe them much, till it starts to rain.


And so, the Marines walked away happy with 2 very large cardboard boxes of Christmas toys. The FLAACA members had another great social gathering. Local car owners all walked away with memento trophies to remember their day. And of course, Mr. Rick Case walked away with a hard earned trophy for his stunning, immaculate, beautiful and concourse level “1914 CASE” antique automobile.



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