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1931 Packard Series 826 4 Door 5-Passenger Sedan

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1931 Packard Series 826 Six 5-passenger sedan. 8 Cylinder.  Body-off restoration began 1983, climate control storage since. 100% parts complete. 75% re-assembly complete. Repaint dark green & black, grey cloth upholstery. Engine 100% done. Chrome, dash, wiring complete. Final needs: fender paint/install, upholstery finished. Remaining parts categorized.

Car is in Pennsylvania.

Pete 407-474-6378

PeteEnglish11@gmail.com (Florida)

Asking $23500.  


The spare tires are of the sidemount variety.  Pictures of the fenders attached.  They are primed and should require minimal work before final painting.  I have also added pictures of the interior.


I also have a 1928 Packard Runabout (roadster) for sale.  Here is the link:





1931 Packard Sedan Pic 4.JPG











IMG_0086 -1.JPG







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10 minutes ago, auburnseeker said:

I'm not a sedan man,  but that one is quite nice and the level of works looks very nice.  I wish I was looking for a project like that where you can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Thank you @auburnseeker.  My dad restored several national prize winners and did almost all of the work himself with the exception of the chrome work and the upholstery.  

His 1928 Packard 526 Roadster is also for sale on this site which won its Junior and Senior awards after his restoration.  

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I just looked around the For sale section and down in the Packard section but didn't see the Roadster.  It might be worth posting a link here to it, especially after seeing the quality of the work on the Sedan.  Extra marketing never hurt. 

Good luck.  Hopefully a few good cars like this will be available when I finally finish my big garage to put it in. 

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I agree it would be a pleasure to put this car together . If you saw what I am working on mine is a puzzle with a few pieces missing . If you look at the care he has taken by putting cardboard so the paint on the frame does not get scratched in front of the radiator . Just looking at the pictures your father must have been very well organized .

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